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First meeting 3 year old Cooper at Golden Gate Fields

Old Honest Coop left us on June 19th 2019 at the young age of 5. This page is to honor this lovely boy whom I had the joy to know for a bit over two years. I purchased Cooper off the track in March 2017 as a 3 year old 2 weeks after his last race. I was taking my time with him to allow him to let down, be a horse and relearn a new way to be ridden. He was an old soul despite his age. I am devastated by this loss as I was planning the rest of my life to be with him and watch him grow and blossom. I love you Cooper and miss you terribly. RIP

Cooper at Track vs 8 months after I owned him

One of my first trail rides as a 3 year old

Cooper at 3 years

I'll miss this view

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