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Customer Testimonials

"I have worked with Debbie for a little over 6 years and my 16 year old daughter has worked with her for almost two years. Debbie has a true gift of seeing you and your horse’s strengths and challenges and taking you forward toward your own personal goals without judgment or criticism. No horse goal is too small or too large for Debbie. My aspirations are to ride safely on the trail and to manage my daughter’s hot show horses that I care for at my home. My daughter’s aspirations are to compete in the Olympics. In the ring, Debbie has helped clear up the mystery of dressage for me where phrases like, ‘being on the bit’, or ‘being in a frame’, seem specifically designed to intimidate the casual rider. Under Debbie’s instruction I have watched my daughter’s dressage blossom into true beauty. Debbie is an extraordinary dressage trainer and her skillsets have been a catalyst for my daughter’s progression in the world of eventing. But there is so much more to Debbie’s lessons than just dressage. She develops all aspects of your horsemanship helping you form a team and mutual trust with your horse. She has helped me through trailering issues with three different horses and I have yet to see a horse situation that Debbie could not handle. The ground management skills both my daughter and I have learned from her have without a doubt saved our lives. While Debbie's strength and focus is more toward dressage, some of our best jumping lessons have been with her. Through Pony Club and other sources my daughter sometimes takes clinics with traveling eventing instructors. Debbie is willing and eager to work with other trainers and has often watched these lessons on her own time. On many occasions she has helped decipher the confusing messages that can often conflict with each other as we put together the puzzle of advice. I can honestly say I have never met a trainer as talented, perceptive, calm, honest, reliable and unflappable as Debbie."

~ Nicole M.

"A true professional, Debbie is an invaluable trainer. Supportive and knowledgeable, she develops great strategies for enabling horse and rider to reach their goals. Her infectious enthusiasm makes me and my horse strive deeper."

- Cara N.

"I can't tell you how much I enjoyed our lessons and how much you taught me in such a short time! You're an awesome teacher, and you helped me a ton with being more assertive and getting over my fears! :) Thank you sooooo much for everything."

- Cheryl R.

"Thank you for today. It was a good lesson for me on focusing. . . . I gain so much by your presence in the arena. You are not affected by the other people. You have confidence and consideration. It helps me so much to see that. . . . we are both happy and grateful for the privilege to work with you!"

- Kathy C.

"I have been privileged to have Debbie riding my horses for six years now and little did I know in the beginning how much more than a horse trainer she really is. I have had Debbie working with Suhr Raj, my now 20 year old Endurance Horse, and my 14 year old perpetual “teenager” horse Kholorz. Suhr Raj had one speed when she began working with him and that was RUN! Debbie worked with him in an arena for the first time in his life, and in a pretty short period of time had him looking like a beautifully collected dressage pony. Who knew he could leg yield at a trot? He developed a topline, he learned to stop which made riding him a pleasure instead of a boot camp work out. She has also started my baby Percheron/Draft cross rescue when he was only 1 year old and within a few months had him lunging, accepting bits, desensitized to equipment and the environment. At 2 he lunges in saddle, ponies, and will happily allow her to lie on his back. . . . My only fear is that she will get too many clients and I will have to share her more than I would like." 

- Patricia S.

"Debbie is everything I was hoping for in a trainer, knowledgeable, easy going, patient and consistent. She is able to communicate corrections and provide feedback in a manner that is understandable and effective and sets homework that builds upon the lesson so that progress is maintained between sessions. Most of all though, I feel I am working with someone who is genuinely interested in my progress (and the progress of the horse I am riding), and is passionate about the work she does, all of which makes working with Debbie a very rewarding experience."

- Kate B.

"I came to Debbie after a bad fall from a horse. At 56, I had just come back to riding after a 30 year break and after riding for a year at various barns I fell off and hurt my back. Honestly, there was more fear in my bones than joy when I first started taking dressage lessons from Debbie. I was stiff, unbalanced and nervous. After working with Debbie for a few months the fear turned to joy and my riding improved dramatically. Now I cannot wait to get on the horse and ride and I steadily improve. I am so grateful to Debbie for being so patient and kind and encouraging. I found in Debbie an instructor who cares about her students well being as much as she cares about the horses. There is steady progress because Debbie possesses the uncanny ability to finely gage the ability of both rider and horse in a completely nonjudgmental way. She knows exactly when to push the rider to the next level in a manner that is kind and firm so that there is constant improvement. I have trained with other instructors but Debbie is unique. Her teaching style is extraordinarily well thought through, intuitive and emotionally intelligent. I am yet lucky to have found her. I am confident that I will continue to improve under her instruction and care."                

                                                                                                            -Brigitte H.

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